• Australian Society of Dental Anaesthesiology

    Founded in 1970, the Society caters for the special needs of dental practitioners interested in dental anaesthesiology, pain control, and patient anxiety management.

  • Australian Society of Endodontology

    A non-profit organisation, the Society groups together over 500 members, the majority of whom are general practitioners with an interest in the practise of endodontics.

  • Australian Society of Forensic Odontology Inc.

    With a commitment to advancing the study of forensic odontology and its application to the law, the Society seeks to promote the highest practice standards in the field.

  • Australian Society of Implant Dentistry

    The Society is dedicated to the promotion, sharing and teaching of knowledge in the field of dental implantology.

  • Australian Society of Orthodontists

    The peak specialist body for orthodontists and orthodontic knowledge across Australia, the Society includes the majority of orthodontists as members.

  • Australian Society of Periodontology

    A non-profit professional organisation concerned with the scientific advancement of and the clinical knowledge in Periodontology, its members consist of general dentists, specialist periodontists and dental hygienists.

  • Australian Society of Special Care in Dentistry

     A fraternity of oral health professionals interested in the care of people with disabilities, the Society seeks to educate the dental profession on the treatment of people with special needs.

  • International College of Dentists

    The International College of Dentists is the world’s oldest and largest honor society for dentists, with entry reserved for nominated dentists who pass a rigorous, peer review process.

  • Oral Medicine Academy of Australasia

    The peak body representing Oral Medicine Specialists and the field of Oral Medicine,OMAA is the authoritative adviser and policy maker on matters related to education, training, assessment and accreditation in Oral Medicine

  • Pierre Fauchard Academy

    An international honorary dental organisation, the Pierre Fauchard Academy is committed to consistently focusing on professionalism, integrity, and ethics worldwide and the advancement of dentistry to the highest level.