Infection Control

infection control
Current infection control regulations, which are mandatory for all dental practitioners, have been developed to prevent or minimise the risk of infection for practitioners and patients alike.

As a registered dental practitioner, you cannot delegate your responsibility for implementing infection control protocols in your practice; if even one registered dental practitioner fails to follow infection control guidelines, the entire practice is in breach.

The Dental Board of Australia Guidelines on Infection Control requires every working dental practitioner and all staff to have access to these documents in either digital or hard copy: 

a)    A manual setting out the infection control protocols, detailing how each practice location implements infection control requirements; Template available here. (Scroll down to the publications list.)

b)    The Australian and New Zealand Standard AS/ NZS 4815:[current edition] (dental practitioners work under AS/NZS 4815 unless they work within an organisation that operates under AS/NZS 4187:[current edition]);

Contact your local ADA branch to purchase a discounted copy.

c)    Australian Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Infection in Healthcare published by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) 

d)    The current Australian Dental Association Guidelines for Infection Control 

A guide to your legal requirements regarding infection control can be found here.

When creating or updating an infection control manual, you should refer to the ADA’s Self-Assessment Tool for Infection Control in conjunction with the ADA’s Guidelines for Infection Control and the Practical Guide to Infection Control.

Support is available through your ADA branch, and the ADA’s Infection Control Committee who can be contacted via email.

All three documents are available as downloadable soft copies only; you will need to print them off to obtain hard copies.