Private health insurance petition


Thank you for supporting our campaign to end discriminatory rebates.

We want private health insurance to be fair for everyone. We want a system where “same policy, same rebate” is a reality, one where people are able to see the health practitioner of their choice without penalty.

Here's how you can help bring this about.


1. PLEASE PRINT this petition off and place it in your practice for patients, staff, friends & family - basically anyone affected by these unfair rebates - to sign. ( We will be submitting it to the Senate for consideration.)

We are using a paper petition and not an online one, because parliamentary petition rules state that online petitions can only run for four weeks whereas we want this to have a much longer lifespan than that; additionally, paper petitions are viewed as more significant than their online counterparts within parliament.)

Mail your petition sheets in batches; we are aiming to submit the petition in October for the November sitting of parliament if we receive enough signed sheets by then so the more we get as early as possible, the greater the chance we have of meeting that deadline. (If November isn't feasible, we will aim for the March 2020 sitting.)

2. AIM FOR at least 100 signatures but if you can get more, that's great! (The more signatures we get, the greater the impact and the clearer the message when the petition is handed into the Senate.)

The petition pdf holds eight pages of 15 signing lines each so printing it off gives you the capacity for 120 signatures, Repeat as necessary. (The Senate only needs a name and signature; no address details required.)

3. MAIL BACK the completed sheets in batch sizes of your choosing (original copies only; no photocopied or scanned copies, please) via snail mail to:

Private health insurance petition
The Australian Dental Association, 14-16 Chandos Street, St Leonards NSW 2065

* If you're wondering why we're insisting on physical copies, it's a requirement of paper petitions that the Senate is provided with the original version.