Committees 2022 -2024

Governance Committees

ADA Advisory Committee [ADAAC]:

Dr Chris Sanzaro [Chair]

Dr Dominic Aouad - ADANSW                                

Dr Srikanth Karumuri - ADANSW/ACT                        

Dr Jonathan Teoh - ADAVB                                 

Dr Gwen Chin - ADAWA                                       

Dr Angelo Papageorgiou - ADASA                      

Dr Katelyn McCracken - ADATAS                            

Dr Kaejenn Tchia - ADANT                                    

Dr Kelly Hennessy - ADAQ                                 

Audit and Risk Committee:

Mr Peter Binetter [Chair] Independent Member

Mr W. Peter Day 

Dr F. Shane Fryer OAM

A/Prof Sharon Liberali AO

Dr Richard Olive AM RFD

Policy Committee:

Dr Angie Nilsson [Chair]

Dr Kerrie O’Rourke [Vice Chair]

Dr Jin Gan

Dr Mark Morrin

Dr Christopher Sanzaro

Dr Christopher Wilson

Honours and Awards Committee:

Associate Professor Neil Hewson [Chair]

Dr Helen McLean AM [Vice Chair] 

Dr Jo-Anne Cherry

Dr R. Mark Hutton

Dr Richard Olive AM RFD

Dr P. Hugo Sachs

Nomination and Remuneration Committee

Dr Andrew Gikas [Chair]

Dr Janina Christoforou

Dr Errol Kilov

Dr Angelo Papageorgiou

Dr Nomikos Rakkas

Expert Committees

Dental Education and Training Committee:

Dr Jenny Ball [Chair]

Dr Andrew Gikas [Vice Chair]

Dr Mohammed El-Hakim

Dr Janet Fuss

Dr Nicolie Jenkins

Dr Peter Norton [Consultant]

Dr Tony Skapetis

Dental Informatics and Digital Health Committee:

Dr Dilhan Rajasingham [Chair]

Dr Martin Gale

Dr Ellen Gielis

Dr Michelle Mun

Dental Instruments, Materials and Equipment Committee:

Professor Hien Ngo [Chair]

Professor Martin Tyas AM [Vice Chair]

Prof John Abbott

Dr Chris Callahan

Dr Peter Norton

Dr Anu Polster

Mrs Pamela Clark AO [Consultant]

Dental Therapeutics Committee:

Dr Sue-Ching Yeoh [Chair]

Dr Leanne Teoh [Vice Chair]

A/Prof Ramesh Balasubramaniam OAM

Dr Nicole Heaphy

Dr Joon Soo Park

Dr Steven Parker

Dr Smitha Sukumar

Dr Geraldine Moses AM [Consultant]

Infection Control Committee:

Dr Kate Amos [Chair]

Associate Professor Sharon Liberali AO [Vice Chair]

Dr Martin Lavery

Dr Heidi Munchenberg

Professor Laurie Walsh AO

Dr Greg Whiteley [Consultant]

Oral Health Committee:

Dr Mihiri Silva [Chair]

Dr Gavin Quek [Vice Chair]

Dr Roshan Abraham

Dr Fleur Creeper

Dr Sandra Meihubers AM

Schedule and Third-Party Committee:

Dr David Curnow [Chair] VIC

Dr Martin Webb [Vice Chair] QLD

Dr Amit Gurbuxani WA

Dr Brian Koch WA

Dr Patrick Meaney NSW

Dr Gregory Morris VIC

Dr Anthony Smerdon SA

Advisory Committees

Recent Graduates Advisory Panel:

Dr Chris Sanzaro [Chair]

Dr Phillip Nguyen ADAQ

Dr Laurence Doan ADANSW

Dr Gavin Quek ADATAS

Dr Margaret Tran ADAVB

Employed Dentists Working Party [EDWP]:

Dr Chris Sanzaro [Chair]

Dr Poppy Anastassiadis ADASA

Dr Sean Archibald ADAWA

Dr Elice Chen ADAVB

Dr Madeleine Chin ADANT

Dr Monica Farrelly ADAQ

Dr Fiona Tann ADATAS

Dr Jodie Olivier ADANSW

Specialist Working Group [SWG]

Dr Scott Davis [Chair] ADA

Dr Kareen Mekertichian AAPD

Dr Andre Bendyk ANZAP

Dr Patrishia Bordbar ANZAOMS

Dr Gordon Burt AANZP

Dr Avanti Karve ANZASND

Dr Peter Lewis ASO

Dr Alain Middleton AUSFO

Dr Sue-Ching Yeoh OMAA

Australian Dental Journal – Editorial Advisory Board

Associate Professor Ivan Darby  [Editor]

Associate Professor Grace De Souza  [Associate Editor – Dental Materials]

Winthrop Professor Paul Abbott

Professor John Abbott

Professor Michael Burrow

Professor Patricia Diaz

Associate Professor Mithran Goonewardene

Dr Adam Hamilton

Professor Saso Ivanovski

Professor Lisa Jamieson

Associate Professor Sharon Liberali AO

Dr Erin Mahoney

Professor Ian Meyers

Professor Marco Peres

Professor William Scarfe  

Dr Tami Yap