If you’re not able to volunteer in person for a project in Australia or overseas, you can still make a vital contribution to the work others are doing by donating consumable items like gloves and masks, equipment and providing financial support.

While materials such as resin composites and medicines are not generally needed, equipment in good working order is always in demand. If you’re unsure what will or won’t be useful, contact organisations directly and ask them which materials they currently require.


Items such as masks, gloves, cotton rolls and protective bibs in their original, clean, unbroken packaging are always welcome. Other items such as latex gloves may not be acceptable because they deteriorate too quickly in many hot, humid countries. If you’re in any doubt about the items you’d like to donate, please check with the intended organisation.


A good rule of thumb in determining if something will be useful to a project is to make sure it’s in good working order, and that it doesn’t come with burdensome ongoing maintenance. This is a particularly attractive feature for organisations working on threadbare budgets with limited personnel.

If possible, provide the installation and service manuals and give preference to mechanical items rather than electrically powered ones as electricity supply may be erratic in some areas.