Management of temporomandibular disorders in general dental practice

30 May 2024
Level 3
10 Yarra Street
30 May 2024 9:00 am - 31 May 2024
Event Type
Lecture presentation

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Credit (Hours)

10 hours

ADA Member and/or Griffith Alumni - $1200 ADAVB recent graduate members - $1000
This course equips participants with a good understanding on the applied anatomy on the orofacial osseous, ligamentous and neuromuscular systems. It also covers the radiographical imaging anatomy of the temporomandibular joint, radiographic changes associated with abnormalities of the temporomandibular joint as well as all aspects of physical and clinical examination of patients with TMDs. Participants will be able to diagnose and manage myofascial pain through developing an understanding of the aetiology and nature of TMJ neuromuscular disorders. Participants will be able to confidently perform a basic evaluation of the TMJ and related orofacial musculature. You will learn in depth different treatment options and a protocol for the management of myofascial pain together with the conservative management of the TMDs - including the use of splints, such as occlusal stabilisation splint and mandibular repositioning splint. Participants will be able to select and adjust appropriate oral appliances for the management of TMDs, including anterior disk displacement and sleep apnoea. Learning objectives: - Anatomy and physiology of the TMJ - Radiology of the TMJ - Clinical examination of the TMJ - Overview and aetiology of TMJ disorders - Radiographic changes associated with abnormalities of the temporomandibular joint - Management of myofascial pain - Conservative management of TMD including the use of splints.

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