Regardless of whether you're considering a career as a dentist or you've already embarked on your course of study, the ADA has a great deal to offer you as a prospective dentist:

  • Free membership

It is FREE to join the ADA while you're a student. You will have full access to all the resources the ADA offers including the CPD Portal, Australian Dental Journal and a wide selection of clinical resources. You will also receive reduced rates to the Australian Dental Congress held every two years.

Membership rates are reduced for the first two years after graduation while still giving you unrestricted access to the full suite of ADA services and support. Fees are payable at June 30 each year.


  • CPD Portal

This invaluable storehouse of knowledge includes hundreds of hours of peer-reviewed audio, video and webinar-based items along with regularly added new content on topics as diverse as Digital Dentistry, Oral Lesions/Oral Cancer and Risk Management.

You will also have access to the National Online Library, a free online resource centre with an extensive range of information on modern dental practice in the form of books and DVDs, downloadable articles and e-books.

  • Publications

The ADA's offers a wide range of material available online including:

The Australian Dental Journal, which is published four times a year and contains a wealth of peer-reviewed papers on research, clinical developments, clinical opinions and treatments as well as other key issues of relevance to dentistry as practised in Australia.

The News Bulletin, which offers the latest news and information for dentists published 11 times a year (there is no issue in January).

A host of other publications and updates that you can use to grow your professional knowledge.


  • Dental Graduate Handbook

The Handbook is designed to help you manage the transition to your new dental career by providing you with information on a range of pertinent issues including:

  • How to become registered as a dentist and your obligations once registered
  • Obtaining a Medicare provider number, radiation license and professional indemnity insurance
  • Tips on finding a job, preparing your CV and a range of career options
  • Professional associations and societies you might choose to join and
  • How to make the most of your first years in practice


  • Professional support

Whether you are some years or perhaps just a few months off graduating, the ADA exists to give you all the support you will need to prepare for your career as a dentist.

We offer HR materials and advice, networking at events organised either by us or our members, and career advice.

You're also encouraged to join the Australian Dental Students Association, a national body representing dental students and allied dental professionals in Australia.