Policy Statement 6.19 - Minimal Intervention Dentistry

Position Summary

The philosophy of risk assessment, early detection of oral disease and targeted preventive strategies for care should be incorporated into clinical dental practice.

1. Background

1.1. Oral diseases, especially dental caries, periodontal disease and oral cancer, are largely preventable.

1.2. As the understanding of these diseases has increased, management and treatment has progressed from being curative to preventive in nature.

1.3. Minimal Intervention Dentistry (MID) has been facilitated by the development of improved materials and technologies.


1.4. BOARD is the Dental Board of Australia.

1.5. DENTAL TEAM comprises a mix of dentists and other registered dental practitioners and support staff and must at all times be headed by a dentist who is responsible for the diagnosis, treatment planning, delivery of dental procedures and continuing evaluation of the oral health of the patient. The dentist supports and directs the other members of the dental team working directly with them.

1.6. DENTIST is an appropriately qualified dental practitioner, registered by the Board to practise all areas of dentistry.

1.7. DENTISTRY is defined as the evaluation, diagnosis, prevention and/or treatment (nonsurgical, surgical, or reversible and irreversible procedures) of diseases, disorders, irregularities or conditions of the oral cavity, maxillofacial area and/or the adjacent and associated structures and their impact on the human body.

1.8. MINIMAL INTERVENTION DENTISTRY is the philosophy of professional care concerned with the first occurrence, early detection, and earliest and least invasive management of disease. 

2. Position

2.1. Dentists should incorporate MID into their clinical practices.

2.2. The public must be educated on the benefits of MID.

2.3. Funding agencies including governments must adequately fund MID.

2.4. Oral disease risk assessment and patient education should be described using the Australian Schedule and Glossary of Dental Services. Though these services may be difficult to measure, third parties should acknowledge MID principles and allow for their incorporation in data collection, and, if applicable, contribution to the fee.

Approved by Federal Council

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April 2021
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Policy Statement 6.19

Adopted by ADA Federal Council, April 14/15, 2011.
Amended by ADA Federal Council, November 13/14, 2014.
Amended by ADA Federal Council, November 9/10, 2017.
Editorial amendment approved by CPC April 5/6, 2018.
Amended by ADA Federal Council, April 23, 2021.