Looking to volunteer?

If you’re looking for an opportunity to volunteer, you should first visit the volunteer positions on the Jobs Board, which detail a range of projects seeking assistance.

To apply, contact the organisation with which you’d like to work directly.

Before committing to a particular project, it’s always advisable to seek specific information on the project including:

  • The sponsoring organisation, its mission and mandate
  • The dental needs of the target population and how the project intends make a difference
  • How well resourced the project is
  • Living conditions and travel options to the project location
  • Insurance and legal considerations.

One way to ensure you are asking the right questions is to consult Choosing a Volunteer Organisation, which contains a range of questions that should be asked before committing to a project.

You might also find it helpful to speak with volunteers who have worked on your target project previously to obtain a realistic on-the-ground idea of what to expect. If you ring the organisation with which you’d like to work, you will either speak to a current volunteer or someone who can put you in touch with one.

Information for project coordinators

If you are running a project, please fill in the Dental Project Volunteer Form and your information will be posted to the Volunteer Projects List.