FDI Tobacco Cessation project equipping members worldwide

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Australian Dental Association
11 December 2023
7 min read
Oral health

One of the key current initiatives of the FDI World Dental Federation (FDI), of which the ADA is a current and active member, is the Tobacco Cessation project.

The project aims to give dentists and dental teams the smoking cessation and control resources they need which can be implemented in a dental setting in collaboration with other relevant health professionals.

The initiative recognises the great damage done to oral and general healthy rampant global tobacco use but also acknowledges the key role dentists and their teams play in working with patients to cease its use.

“Available evidence suggests that behavioural counselling (typically brief) conducted by oral health professionals in conjunction with an oral examination in the dental office or community setting can increase tobacco abstinence rates by 70% at six months or longer."

As part of its ongoing work on the Tobacco Cessation Project, FDI has worked recently with both the Indonesia Dental Association and Jordan Dental Association to organise capacity building workshops in their respective countries.

As FDI has noted:

"These workshops not only empower dental professionals to offer tailored advice to their patients but also foster the sharing of knowledge gained with their peers and colleagues."

In addition to the resources available on the Tobacco Cessation project page, ADA members can make use of the resources for patients and consumers at Teeth.org.au, an initiative of the ADA.